Jessica spent a meaningful time with fans.

In the recent broadcast of iMBC Heyo TV, Jessica appeared to communicate with her fans.

Jessica thanked her fans for waiting for her, and answered questions that were sent live by fans through the chat feature of “Heyo TV” app.

Before she appeared on the broadcast, fans from all over the world sent in requests for “Jessica’s Please Do This” segment, showing her global popularity. Jessica revealed her secrets to how to take a selca, and conducted a “Communication Quiz Time”. She even conducted a live during the broadcast, showing her love for fans.

Coridel Entertainment said, “We are very thankful for fans showing a lot of interest in Jessica’s appearance despite it being the first broadcast after a long time. We hope many tune in again next week. Jessica will continue to greet fans through various activities. Please continue to cheer for her and anticipate for her future activities.”

The second episode of “Jessica’s Private Life” will broadcast on iMBC Heyo TV on 22nd.

Jessica Reveals Her Private Life on iMBC Heyo TV

Coridel Entertainment

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