Jessica Tells Her Fans to Learn Korean Instead of Speaking in English

One of the manners in traveling to other countries or talking to a native person in the country one is traveling to, is to speak the country’s language, at least the basic sentences. The Same rule applies in making a friend. If you want to become somebody’s friend who doesn’t speak your language, you might have to try to speak their language. 

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Jessica, Jessica 2017 Comeback, Jessica Instagram, Jessica Learn Korean, Jessica Controversy

Jessica Instagram

A Recent post of Jessica brought on a hot debate. Jessica posted a picture of her dining out and fans loved it though she wasn’t all dressed up. Fans complimented about how more beautiful she is getting day by day. Jessica responded to the compliments by saying, “I didn’t do my hair because I was too lazy. But I am glad that you like it, thank you.” 

Jessica, Jessica 2017 Comeback, Jessica Instagram, Jessica Learn Korean, Jessica Controversy

Jessica Instagram

She posted the sentence in Korean. Now, Jessica’s SNS isn’t only viewed by Korean fans but also by a number of foreign fans. After seeing the Korean written reply, foreign fans wrote “English Plz”.

Again, Jessica replied to those who wanted her to write in English, “Learn Korean:P” in Korean again.

Jessica, Jessica 2017 Comeback, Jessica Instagram, Jessica Learn Korean, Jessica Controversy

Jessica Instagram

Some fans responded in a positive way saying that they will learn, while others responded quite negatively, saying how could she say so.  Opinions contradict to Jessica writing her post only in Korean and telling fans to learn Korean to understand her. 

But, come to think of other examples as well, fans asking her to speak in English may be regarded as a superior way of thinking. Though it’s a fact that English is spoken and learned by more than 2/3 of the world’s population, English is thought to be superior than any other language. We don’t ask Hollywood stars who speak English as their first tongue to speak in a foreign language just because fans couldn’t understand. 

If one wants to understand what others is saying, why not try first to translate on their own or learn the language?! It might be a great motivation to learn a new thing.

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SNS WEEKLY: K-Pop Idol Instagram Posts from 2nd Week of August

With debuts, comebacks, and tour announcements abound, this was a huge week for K-Pop idols. Yet no matter how busy our favorite idols seem to be getting these days, they don’t seem too busy for one thing – taking selfies and group shots with their friends!

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For this installment of SNS Weekly, we’re celebrating our favorite friendships on SNS this week. Whether they’re in the same groups, on the same shows, or just in the same companies, our biases are absolute pros at not only rubbing elbows, but giving their friendships plenty of love!

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Perhaps the most surprising group shot of the week, let’s start with KwangHee‘s recent visit to the set of “Infinite Challenge.” The idol has been on hiatus from the show since entering the military this spring, and the crew seems to be pretty happy to be reunited!


A post shared by prince_kwanghee (@prince_kwanghee) on


Next up, we’ve got SeoHyun, YuRi, and HyoYeon of SNSD! Is it just us or do SNS shots of this particular girl group give us serious friendship envy? The SNSD girls always look like they’re having the best time together. If you don’t believe us, watch their new “Holiday Night” video!

눕방 🌝 잘자 #졸려

A post shared by YURI KWON (@yulyulk) on


2PM‘s Jun.K has been spending the week sharing plenty of pictures from his Thailand trip, including this video of him riding a boat past famous temples. The buildings are as stunning as his personal tour guide – his groupmate NichKhun

⛵️⛵️⛵️ #amazingthailand

A post shared by JUN. K (@jun2dakay) on


NU’EST‘s Choi MinKi is currently in Belgium with co-stars from his upcoming reality show. Joined by g.o.d‘s Joon Park, SoYou, Girl’s Day‘s SoJin, and Junggigo, the idol appears to be having the time of his life while traveling with his new friends!

#사서고생 화이팅!!🎆🎇

A post shared by 최민기 (@glorypath) on


The boys of NCT are currently touring their way through Southeast Asia with SMTOWN, and in this shot, WINWIN and JaeHyun take a moment before their Hong Kong performance to give Instagram followers a little glimpse of their bromance.


A post shared by NCT 127 Official Instagram (@nct127) on


BTOB‘s Yook SungJae always looks out for the junior idols in his life, including CUBE trainee Yoo SeonHo! The idol recently hung out with the former “Produce 101” contestant, where they got plenty of sun by relaxing outdoors.

멋진 가수가 되기를!!!

A post shared by 육성재 BTOB Melody 3X2 (@yook_can_do_it) on


The ladies of BLACKPINK recently appeared for a special performance during TaeYang‘s “White Night” Japan tour, and this picture has us seriously gagging with jealousy. BLACKPINK + TaeYang + Japanese Food? Did our invite get lost?!


Do you know what’s cuter than Super Junior‘s DongHae posing with his NCT ‘mini-me’ Jeno? Not much, if you ask us. SM fans on Instagram have been raving over the pair’s similar good-looks, nicknaming them a “father-son” duo.


A post shared by H a R u (@leedonghae) on


Rookie group A.C.E‘s members DongHun and Jason took a break from a photoshoot with BNT Magazine to goof off together. What exactly are they whispering to each other? Guess we’ll have to check out their outtake video to find out!


Apink‘s NamJoo recently sat down for the very first script reading for her upcoming web drama “Mischievous Detectives,” and seems to already be warming up to her new co-stars, Yoo SeonHo and Ahn HyungSeob from “Produce 101.” Wait, SeoHo again?! How many famous friends does this guy have?

#김남주 옥진경 #유선호 표한음 #안형섭 설오성 6시 V앱! 함께합니당~ #악동탐정스

A post shared by 김남주 (@sarangdungy) on


The ladies of disbanded girl group Rainbow proved that their friendship is still going strong this week after sharing pictures of them all meeting up for JaeKyung‘s housewarming party, where they threw an impromptu birthday party for HyunYoung. A party in a party? That’s straight up partyception.


KARD‘s BM took a pretty swaggin’ selfie during some downtime with groupmate JiWoo, thus fueling the ship that has been sailing since the group’s pre-debut days. Stop teasing those poor BM x JiWoo shippers, BM! 

swaggin with the color joker😎

A post shared by BM비엠 (@bigmatthewww) on


Speaking of long-lasting friendships, AOA recently celebrated five years since their debut. Granted, the lack of ChoA in this picture is totally bumming us out, but we’re glad the ladies are still going strong. Here’s to another five years, ladies!

#AOA #5주년

A post shared by 김설현 (@sh_9513) on


Last, but certainly not least, we have our favorite of the adorable comeback video outtakes the boys of WINNER have been uploading lately. Apparently, while Mino has been hard at work trying to be the best rapper of all time, SeungHoon‘s been busy becoming… a sun god?

[축복을내리노라] 쏟아지는 햇살 아래 월계관을 쓴 차장님👑과 간절히 두 손을 모은 미남씨🙏🏻 #무릎주의 하와이 촬영 일정 가운데 가장 더웠으며, 와 이러다 타죽겠다 싶었던 날이었는데도 불구하고 월계관 소품 하나에 꺄르르 하는 멤버들 덕분에 #팀위너 광대발사요😉 #박인서는들어요 #오늘지나면금요일이니 #금요일가면주말오노라 #떡밥에허덕이는한주한주를만들어주고파 #위너열일이요 #우리멤버들이이렇게 #웃음에재능이넘칩니다 #세상을다가진표정 #세상간절한표정 #예잘봤습니다 #이동하실게요 #HOONY #MINO #WINNER #OurTwentyFor #INNERCIRCLE #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER

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Lee JongSeok Reveals Disharmony With YG On His Instagram

Lee JongSeok, a Korean actor, confessed that he has trouble discussing on fan meeting with YG entertainment in his Instagram.

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Lee JongSeok expressed his complains on private fan meeting. He posted, “I have planned a private fan meeting for those who had waited for fan meeting.” and “However, YG’s each department has too high self-esteem to communicate with me…Maybe fan meeting can be delayed till next year. There’s discord between me and performing department.”. In other words, he revealed that the disharmony with YG entertainment is the reason why the fan meeting is delayed. Lastly, he apologized, “Sorry for making you wait. I will notice here ASAP!”. 

Meanwhile, the movie, VIP, where Lee JongSeok appeared will be released on August 24th. The drama “While you’re Sleeping” with Suzy is planned to be aired in September. 


Lee JongSeok’s Instagram

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