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Ji ChangWook and Kim JiWon's fans have been waiting for the first pictures of their drama "City Couple's Way Of Love: My Lovely Camera Thief" and they are finally released!

The two Hallyu actors are acting in the romance web drama "City Couple's Way Of Love: My Lovely Camera Thief". It tells the real love stories of young people living intensely in a complicated city where you are not revealing your true self. Ji ChangWook is acting as a passionate architect and Kim JiWon as a lovely and bold freelance marketer.

On Nov. 12, the first pictures of the couple were released and they look like they have amazing chemistry already. The two actors are well-known for their perfect acting in romance dramas.

In the first picture, they are having fun with paints, it looks like they are on a date. In the other pictures, Ji ChangWook has loving stares at Kim JiWon while doing dishes or cooking. In the last pictures, they are having fun at the beach with a dog.

Ji ChangWook & Kim JiWon Have Amazing Chemistry In First Pictures Of "City Couple's Way Of Love: My Lovely Camera Thief"

Kakao TV

Netizens and fans who have seen the pictures commented: "powerful couple", "can't wait", "wow", "omg", "I'm gonna watch for sure", "I am so looking forward to this", etc.

After looking at these first pictures, the expectations for the upcoming drama are rising.

The web drama will be released on KakaoTV this December. For more about the drama, you can check our cast and summary here.

Are you also waiting for its release?


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