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In the latest episode of Ji ChangWook's vlog series, "I'm A Slacker", where the actor is seen spending his free days just the way he wants: camping, dirt biking, and more,  we're taken to a lovely little hanok in Andong, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. What makes the experience even better, for viewers as well as for Ji ChangWook is the fact that it is raining. The scenery is as aesthetically pleasing as you can imagine and we already feel relaxed just by watching the video.

Ji ChangWook watches the rain with his friend as they both snack the evening away. He admitted that he shouldn't be eating so many snacks since he had a shoot soon but also presented the possibility of the shoot being canceled due to the rain. Despite trying his hardest not to give in to having ramyun, he couldn't resist the temptation while his friend was enjoying it right in front of him.

Ji ChangWook Spends A Cozy Rainy Night In A Hanok In Latest Episode Of "I'm A Slacker"

Ji ChangWook's YouTube

The next morning, Ji ChangWook started the day off with a blueberry, yogurt, and granola breakfast while enjoying the view outside. Finally, he ended the episode by sharing that even though he wished it wouldn't rain, he did quite like the experience as it gave him a chance to truly relax.

You can watch the full episode of "I'm A Slacker" below!


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