Ji ChangWook's Instagram

Actor Ji ChangWook enlisted in the mandatory Korean military service in August 2017 and will be discharged on May 2019.

Ji ChangWook Updates Fans On His Break Of Military Service

Ji ChangWook's Instagram

He already gained attention for his excellent performance there.

The actor updated fans on his holiday through Instagram. This time, he shared 2 videos and one picture.

On the picture's caption, he says "Even if it is raining and the weather is cloudy, today I'm in a good mood".


He later posted two videos with captions commenting that, in the weather forecast, rain was not announced and that he wiped off the rain of his bike. The actor looks super cute and energetic on his holidays. He probably went biking and met people he is missing in the base.



On the comments, fans say "We miss you", "Have a nice day", "Nice to see you", "Don't catch a cold" or "Love you".

Fans are waiting for his healthy discharge.


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