As successful as they may be, even global superstars BTS faced many hardships and crisis like all of us. They definitely didn't see an overnight success. Like most artists who made it in the music industry, it was through talent, hard work, sacrifice, and a bit of good fortune as well.

One example of a crisis that they faced happened right before their official debut. Similar to how J-Hope almost left BTS, it turns out that JungKook almost might have gone on a different career path as well. Thankfully, JiMin intervened and prevented that from happening.

It all goes back to when JungKook was a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment. He wasn't born with natural dancing talent and had to take lessons and build basic foundations. Which was why he was sent to LA for dance lessons. He learned from some of the best in the dance scene and soon found a heated passion for dancing.

JiMin Bribed JungKook With Ice Cream Not To Leave BTS When They Were Boys


While that sounds great, it proved to be quite a problem for Big Hit Entertainment and the members of BTS. The reason was that JungKook loved dancing so much that he no longer wanted to sing and be a performing artist. He, instead, wanted to become a professional dancer.

JiMin, as clever as he is, took JungKook out for some ice cream and had a little sit down with him. He then told JungKook "You're the most important member of our group, you can't leave." With his sweet words and clever approach, JiMin was able to persuade JungKook to stay as a member of BTS.


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Apr 27, 2021 06:29 pm

I so grateful for Jimin's bribe💜 without JK, BTS wouldnt be BTS

Jul 9, 2018 05:10 am

I LOVE BTS... thanks, anyway, Thanks so much to Jim for doing this. I really do think this is true, I love them so much and would hate for any members to leave. Thanks again for doing this for me and giving me hope.