JiMin Park recently released the MV for her latest single 'April Fools', an pop-R&B based tune that exhibits her signature vocal tone.

The MV for it revolves around a story of a couple who seem to be in an estranged relationship as the girl, played by JiMin herself, resists the seemingly affectionate gestures of a man holding a cake and flowers. Eventually, she pushes the man away, causing the man to drop the cake and slip on it, crashing on the floor.

JiMin then spends time with the unconscious man, as she can be seen in his arms while sitting on a sofa. She then drags his unconscious body under a bed, while a couple seems to be having an intimate time together on top of the bed. The bed then collapses on top of the man under the bed.

Netizens have been talking about whether the singer would be able to regain the momentum she once had after being inactive for a significant amount of time prior to the recent comeback release.


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