Jin and JiMin of BTS Open Up About The Negative Effects of Their Past Diet

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The boys from BTS made an appearance on an episode of JTBC’s ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’ which aired on October 30th. They talked about many things including how JiMin almost didn’t debut as a member of BTS. But the two members have revealed that their diets during ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears‘ were in fact quite self-destructive.

JiMin has confessed that he looked in the mirror one day and wanted to look more handsome than he already was. Consequently, this resulted in him consuming only one meal in every ten days. He jokingly added that despite his hardcore efforts, the ranking of the best looking members of BTS remained the same. 

BTS, BTS Profile, BTS 2017, BTS Comeback, BTS JTBC, BTS Kpop


Jin has also added that his diet consisted of eating only four pieces of chicken breast for one year. He refused to take vitamins as well and eventually ended up being diagnosed with malnutrition.

BTS, BTS Profile, BTS Comeback. BTS 2017, BTS Kpop


Going to an extreme length with your diet is never a good thing. Generally speaking and most of the time, a healthy balanced diet is the best decision. We hope that our boys from BTS continue to stay bright and healthy throughout their lives.


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