After the disbandment of JBJ on April 30th, it was revealed that Jin LongGuo is currently preparing a solo song especially for his fans.

According to insiders on May 11th, Jin LongGuo is said to have participated in writing the lyrics of the upcoming song. It will also be released by the end of May.

Before his promotion as a member of JBJ, he had also been in a joint project called YongGuk & ShiHyun, with fellow label mate, Kim ShiHyun. During that time, he has received a lot of attention from fans especially after him appearing on Mnet "Produce 101" Season 2.

Jin LongGuo To Release Solo Song By The End Of May


To repay his fans for the love which he had received especially during the short 7 months promotion as a JBJ member, he had decided to write the lyrics of his new song.

Fans are excited and could not wait to hear the new song.

The date of release for the new song is yet to be announced.


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