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Jin LongGuo will be returning to the music scene as a solo artist at the end of August. Previously it was noted that he had been promoting as a member of JBJ and LongGuo&SiHyun.

On August 8th, it was revealed through Choon Entertainment that following Jin LongGuo's solo track 'CLOVER', he will be coming back with a solo album by the end of August.

It is believed that this solo album will allow many to see Jin LongGuo's unique music taste and individuality.

Jin LongGuo To Return As A Solo Artist At The End Of August

Choon Entertainment

Through Mnet "Produce 101" Season 2, Jin LongGuo has wowed many especially through his vocal skills on the 'If It Is You' evaluation. He is also very determined on showing his full potential and said to have put in 120% into this album.

Thanks to his experience as a member of JBJ and LongGuo&SiHyun, Jin LongGuo also promises to show many his very own individual charisma.

According to Choon Entertainment, it was revealed that thanks to the continuous support from his fans, Jin LongGuo has been doing his best. He had also participated in the production of the album and hope that many would continue to support and encourage him.

Are you excited for his solo album?


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