The upcoming KBS2 TV drama "Police University" starring Cha TaeHyun, JinYoung, and Krystal Jung in the lead roles has been raising anticipation and excitement among fans for its premiere. It tells the story of students at a police university who learn to navigate realms of crime and justice under the guidance of a former detective, Yoo DongMan (played by Cha TaeHyun).

JinYoung Looks Dashing In His Police Uniform Making Fans Beg To Be Arrested By Him


JinYoung plays Kang SunHo, an extremely intelligent hacker who gets admission into the police university. His character is sharp and perceptive. Oh KangHee is played by Krystal, who is righteous and honest. Together with DongMan, they form a joint investigation unit.

Recently, JinYoung posted pictures of himself on his Instagram with his police uniform. The comments section were flooded with two types of comments. On the one hand, fans shared how excited they were about the drama. However, on the other, they were asking JinYoung to arrest them!


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It will certainly be exciting to see JinYoung play a police university student, especially since his character was a former hacker. We can't wait for this show to premiere. It will air for the first time on August 9, 2021. Are you excited?


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