While Cube Entertainment recently addressed their stance on the current controversy surrounding their artist, Jo Kwon, the K-Pop idol decided to say a few words himself recently through his Instagram account.

Jo Kwon's KyungHee University Scandal Defense Summarized

Cube Entertainment

His defense is based on three main arguments.

  1. He was a good student. In fact, he studied hard and put a lot of effort to a point where he was even eligible for a scholarship.
  2. During the time of his graduation, the university gave him two options as graduation requirements. The first option was to submit a thesis paper and the second option was holding a graduation concert. He chose the latter because it was an option that was available to him.
  3. There were no regulations nor guidelines about the graduation concert at the time. Many people have been saying that the preparation of his graduation concert was lacking in many areas.
Jo Kwon's KyungHee University Scandal Defense Summarized

KyungHee University

This is the second recent scandal that the university has been caught in following CNBLUE Jung YongHwa's admissions scandal.


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