JongHyun of SHINee Says Goodbye to all “Blue Night” Fans on Radio

JongHyun of SHINee has been hosting a radio program, “Blue Night” since February of 2014.

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It just made the fans relax and warm when they hear the first greetings, “Hi, this is JongHyun of Blue Night”. Fans were so used to hearing DJ JJONG’s voice every night. JongHyun was not just a host of a radio program. He was a comfort, a friend, a wise consultor, and sometimes seemed like our boyfriend wishing us good night.

Sadly, from April 2nd, due to his busy schedule, we did not hear his voice over the radio anymore.

As sad as we all were, we also know that JongHyun would have been the one with the most complex and sad feelings. Also, we know him to be a sentimental person who cannot be easily stopped when he starts crying. As expected, he tried to hold his tears during the last show, however, it burst when MinHo came to comfort him. MinHo said “I came to fix the big water dam.”, which gave a big laugh to fans.

JongHyun, JongHyun of SHINee, JongHYun Radio, JongHyun Blue Night

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JongHyun, JongHyun of SHINee, JongHYun Radio, JongHyun Blue Night

MBC Radio

Also, a lot of producers came to appreciate the great work he’s done for over three years, and fans were also there for him, to thank him.

JongHyun, JongHyun of SHINee, JongHYun Radio, JongHyun Blue Night

MBS Radio

JongHyun was dearly loved through this radio, and fans will never forget the special times he gave to us.

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What Did MinHo of SHINee and SuHo of EXO Fight Over?

In Korea, there are certain words to address people who are older than you. Words such as “Hyung”, “Unnie”,”” Oppa”, and “Noona” is mostly used to call the people who have close relationship with one, but older. Words like these indicate that no matter how intimate one is to another, they need to respect them because they are older.

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In SM Entertainment, they set the rules of addressing a person highly by the standards of grades in school. This is mostly not a problem for those who entered school in just the right age. However, in Korea, you may enter the school a year early when you were born in January or February.

This caused a complicated addressing problem between idols in SM as well.

SuHo, SuHo EXO, MinHo, MinHo SHINee, SuHo MinHo Fight

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MinHo of SHINee was born in December of 1991. SuHo of EXO was born in May of 1991. Irene of Red Velvet was born in March of 1991. Considering their birthdays, they should be calling each other names.

However, SuHo went to school a year early, though he was born in May. MinHo used to call him “Hyung” by the rules. Also Irene called SuHo “Oppa”.

But when MinHo debuted, he thought him calling SuHo “Hyung” would give complications to other people, so he asked SuHo whether he could call him by his name. SuHo got mad at MinHo for asking so, and they quarreled about it for a while.

After few arguments, MinHo yield, and continued calling him “Hyung”. However, fans still wonder why Irene has to call him “Oppa” when she is older than him.

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SHINee’s First World Tour Turns Out to Be a Great Success

SHINee has been having their first tour, “SHINee CONCERT SHINee WORLD V” in North America.

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SHINee, SHINee world tour, SHINee World V, SHINee Canada, SHINee U.S

SM Entertainment

The first concert was in Toronto, Canada, continuing on to Vancouver on March 21st.

They have been performing their hit songs, such as ‘Sherlock’, ‘Ring Ding Dong’, and ‘Everybody’. Canadian fans were just so pleased to see them on stage and feel their powerful energy so closely. Also, in between energetic songs, they also sang ballads which fans could soak in to their melodic voices.

The concerts lasted about 2 and a half hours, and the time seemed to flew for both SHINee and fans.

The English speaking fans, all sang along in Korean, and prepared a small event, showing SHINee a plank card saying “This is SHINee World, and we’re right by your side”.

They will be traveling to U.S and have a concert in Dallas this coming 24th.

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