JTBC’s “Girl Spirit” Idol Singing Competition: Lineup



JTBC’s “Girl Spirit” Idol Singing Competition: Lineup

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12 underrated K-Pop idol girls sing their hearts out to prove that they’ve got the voice and the spirit!

With so many K-Pop idols who debut one after another, there’s bound to be more than a couple idols who get lost in the chaos of it all. With so many hidden talents going unnoticed, JTBC has created a show with 12 girls who have yet to seen the spotlight. They may have been credited to have a great talent in vocal abilities, but that’s just as far as their name has gotten. Through this program, the girls will compete against each other every week through vocal competitions. An ultimate winner will be crowned at the season finale, and each week girls will be ranked upon their performances.

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With singing competitions being an undying trend, it appears JTBC has found itself another winner. As the show rakes in the ratings, the competing girls will also have a chance to get their name out each week. Let’s see which of the most talented vocalists will be featuring on the show!

JTBC’s Girl Spirit Lineup

Pledis Girlz’ SungYeon, Cosmic Girls’ DaWon, Ladies’ Code’s SoJung, FIESTA’s HyeMi, APRIL’s JinSol, Bestie’s UJi, Oh My Girl’s SeungHee, LaBoum’s SoYeon, CLC’s SeungHee, SONAMOO’s MinJae, Lovelyz’ Kei and SPICA’s BoHyung

MC: Jo SeHo & SungGyu of Infinite

JTBC’s “Girl Spirit” Idol Singing Competition: Lineup


The show airs every Tuesday at 22:50 (KST) on JTBC.