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The producer of "Produce 101" and the head of YG have met to create a survival program in a whole new paradigm.

In action with JTBC, one of the most watched broadcasting channel, YG Entertainment and the famous produce from Mnet are doing a collaboration work. The theme of the program is to find a new rising star. What is so special about this program is that those who want to join, including the ones who have already debuted, can join. Also, the competition would be between boys and girls.

Putting a competition between the genders has never been tried before. The program made itself a pioneer by breaking the success rule of survival program. Though it has not been aired yet, the issue has been the hot potato since it has been mentioned.

Now, the program is called "MIX NINE". Yang HyunSeok, the head of YG would be in charge of digging out the hidden jewels in the entertainment field. There are a lot of news and rumors on who is going to be joining, but nothing specific has been mentioned yet.



JTBC'S "MIXNINE, Reality Survival Program": Lineup

YG Entertainment



Yang HyunSuk


Participants Lineup

JTBC'S "MIXNINE, Reality Survival Program": Lineup



(to be updated)


Date of First Episode: October 29th 2017

Broadcast: JTBC


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Oct 21, 2017 02:00 am

WOW! so many people! Ready for Maru, king and yuvin!!