Jun.K made a surprise release of the teaser of ‘Your Wedding’; NichKhun and NaYeon stars in the teaser.

On the 3rd, Jun.K released the teaser for the music video of ‘Your Wedding’. ‘Your Wedding’ is a song from the album “77-1X3-00”. The album will be released on the 12th, while ‘Your Wedding’ will be released earlier on the 4th.

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Fellow 2PM member Nichkhun and TWICE’s member NaYeon starred in the music video, drawing in attention about what kind of acting the tuxedo-wearing and dress-wearing pair will show.

‘Your Wedding’ that will be released on the 4th, is about the sorrowful feelings of attending and watching an ex’s wedding. It is a ballad song, and the mixture of the piano and Jun.K’s heart tearing voice adds a deep lingering image to the song.

Jun.K will release his album “77-1X3-00” on 12th, followed by “Jun. K SOLO CONCERT Mr. NO♡” concerts on 14th-15th.

Jun.K Makes a Surprise Release of ‘Your Wedding’ MV Teaser


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