South Korean singer Jung JoonYoung has admitted to all crimes that he was accused of, including secretly filming himself having sexual intercourse with women and uploading them in chat rooms without consent.

Below is his statement of apology.

"I write this with a guilty conscience in embarrassment.

I Jung JoonYoung returned to South Korea on March 12th and realized just how serious the situation is. It's too late but I wanted to apologize to everyone who gave me a second chance.

I confess and admit to all the terrible actions that have been reported. I filmed women and distributed the clips on social media and chat rooms without their consent shamelessly.

As a well known person to the public, my actions were careless and worthy of criticism,

I am on my knees and apologize to the women who were in the videos, for making them disgusted and angry by having them learn about the truth in this manner.

I shall leave all the programs I appeared on and halt all promotions. I will spend the rest of my life looking back on my immoral and unlawful deeds.  

Most of all, I want to apologize to the women whom I have hurt, who made me into the famous person that I am.

I will accept all punishment and consequences for my crimes and cooperate with the investigations that will begin on the 14th.

I apologize once again."


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Mar 14, 2019 02:12 am

When the police already have you by the b*lls... what else is there but to co-operate and beg for leniency. He is playing it smart.

Whether he pays a fine, serve a suspended sentence or real time, depends on the severity of the offense. Considering there was no violence, and the spread of videos remained tightly within his Kakao chatroom (even for all the damage, reality is that...) Joonyoung probably knows he has a chance to avoid prison.