Ilgan Sports reported that actor Jung YooAhn, in the morning of January 10th, was investigated by the police because he was accused of sexual harassment. The police said, "There is more investigation left".

Jung YooAhn is a rookie actor born in 1999. He acted in dramas such as “Come and Hug Me”, “Queen For Seven Days”, and recently “Top Management” with ASTRO’s Cha EunWooAhn HyoSeop, and Bang JaeMin.

Jung YooAhn was accused of sexually harassing a woman that he met in a drinking place. He was said to be drunk and made an unreasonable demand, so the woman reported to the police. VAST Entertainment said "It is true that he is under investigation. We have to wait and see what happens".

He was recently cast in the upcoming drama "That Psychometric Guy" (tvN) with GOT7‘s JinYoung and Shin YeEun. However, he had dropped out because of the investigation.


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