Just How Much Does YeRi Hate BTS?

BTS may have shocked the world by becoming the most influential K-Pop act with accomplishments that include beating out superstar Justin Bieber for the 2017 Billboard Top Social Artist Award and dominating music charts. But our beloved heartthrobs are after all still human beings even though we’d like to believe that they are something more extraordinary, and they are sometimes are not liked by everyone. 

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Yeri of Red Velvet apparently seems to show a certain dislike for them, especially for BTS member J-Hope. Whether that is true or not no one knows for sure. But there has actually been a recent Twitter post from a fan that shows Yeri’s disapproval at the way J-Hope has depicted Red Velvet’s dance moves. She definitely didn’t seem to be pleased and there is a footage of her glaring at J-Hope as he hysterically dances away in a somewhat mocking manner of Red Velvet’s dance moves. Whether J-Hope was intentionally attempting to belittle the girls is at this point unsure but Yeri and also some fans online didn’t take it too well.

Yeri BTS, Yeri hate BTS


Yeri BTS, Yeri hate BTS

Seoul Music Awards

But if we examine the situation a little more closely, it’s not entirely just simply only about Yeri’s display of disapproval of J-Hope’s behavior. The issue that may arise is closely related to the perception of women in general. Women’s rights has been a subject for the past few years that has been an issue in various parts of the world. Everyone has different perspectives but if we look at it from one angle, the problem may be that it is difficult to draw the line of right and wrong when it comes to the behavior men exhibit towards women. A female South Korean fan has expressed her dislike of BTS’s behavior by applauding Yeri for her bluntness towards the boy band and stated that women should call out male K-Pop idols in situations like this. The irony is that even though BTS has won the hearts of many female South Korean fans, there are still some female Korean K-Pop fans that dislike male idol groups’ behavior, especially when it has female idols in the picture. However, J-Hope is known to be playful and sometimes the way boys play differ from the way girls do. That could be the case, or maybe he just found the choreography amusing and teased it in a way. What do you think? Do you think Yeri really dislikes BTS? Or is it just a false rumor that people are spreading through manipulation? Let us know!


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K-Pop Couple Fantasy: BTS’ V & BLACKPINK’s JiSoo

Have all the K-Pop lovers watched the Super Concert held in DaeJun? What did you see through out the concert? I know there have been a lot to see, different stages of idol groups from diverse entertainments, special stages and collaborations. Yes, the contents were more than abundant. But those aren’t the answers we are looking for right now. Think hard.

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Okay, here is a hint. Who showed the greatest chemistry that day?

I’m sure it’s hard to deny the chemistry between V of BTS and JiSoo of BLACKPINK was noticeable, or maybe even remarkable. After the Super Concert was over, a new word was created. TaeSoo. I believe everyone knows what that word means. The two of them along with JinYoung of GOT7 hosted the whole event pretty smoothly. Their flow was too smooth to believe that it was their first time hosting something together! 

Not to mention their eye contacts and shy smiles. 

It’s true that fans like to match idols with other idols and it may end in their fantasy. However, JiSoo and V’s chemistry was too good to end as a fantasy! The two young people are both so gifted and talented in music, are both passionate workers and are both so attractive! It’s now only about their perfect looks, but the smiles they throw, things they say that makes fan fall in love with them. They’ve both got those charms which draw people to them. 

If they both have such charm, why don’t they just draw themselves closer to each other?! Or maybe they have!

Here are some of the Taesoo moments that fans made. Nothing would be better if these photos turned out to be a real life story.


V & JiSoo’s Story:

Taesoo Couple, BTS V and BLACKPINK JiSoo, V and JiSoo, Couple Fantasy, Fanfiction, BTS, BLACKPINK, SUper Concert DaeJun, TaeSoo Couples


We could name the first array of photos as “The Hard Working Couple”. Both are so stunning and knows when they shine the best. Two lovers would understand each other since they work in the same field. They would know what hardships their partners are going through and console them. 


Taesoo Couple, BTS V and BLACKPINK JiSoo, V and JiSoo, Couple Fantasy, Fanfiction, BTS, BLACKPINK, SUper Concert DaeJun, TaeSoo Couples


They’ve worked hard enough to deserve a break! A casual date in front of the house or near cafes still can be sweet and relaxing. A walk around the park with two holding hand must look like a picture not a reality. 


Taesoo Couple, BTS V and BLACKPINK JiSoo, V and JiSoo, Couple Fantasy, Fanfiction, BTS, BLACKPINK, SUper Concert DaeJun, TaeSoo Couples


Exotic dates can be enjoyed. Imagine the two enjoying the amusement park or traveling to another country together. They may even look like a newly wed couples! 

If someone asks, why we are going so far with these two, look at the picture below and tell me.  Even though they may not have been close before the event, after this much of eye contact, anyone has a possibility to fall in love:) 

Taesoo Couple, BTS V and BLACKPINK JiSoo, V and JiSoo, Couple Fantasy, Fanfiction, BTS, BLACKPINK, SUper Concert DaeJun, TaeSoo Couples


What’s V of BTS has been up to?

V is spending the busiest times because BTS had their comeback recently with “Love Yourself”. Their music has been going viral, climbing up to the high ranks of diverse music charts both inside and outside Korea. Because they create so much influence and impact over K-Pop, Mnet is making a music program just for the group. The “BTS COUNTDOWN” is currently done shooting, but the date of it’s broadcast is not official yet. 


What’s JiSoo of BLACKPINK has been up to?

It’s not been long since BLACKPINK ended their first debut performance in Japan. The debut of BLACKPINK created a master wave in the sea of K-Pop and all Japanese fans seem to be soaked in it. After the group has came back to Korea, they’ve been performing in different stages of music festivals in Korea. Though it was a time they were suppose to rest, K-pop music festivals just couldn’t leave her and the group alone!

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Which Red Velvet Member Has the Best ‘Love At First Sight’ Inducing Look?

It may have happened to you at least once in your lifetime. That moment when your perfect ideal type of boy or girl enters into your range of vision in slow motion with a glowing smile, just like in the movies.

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And after a while, we replay that moment in our heads and it is still so vivid. We play it in slow motion in our heads with great focus and concentration. We’ve compiled Red Velvet members displaying looks that could make their guy fans do exactly just that. Which member does it best?



Red Velvet Irene 2017



Red Velvet SeulGi 2017



Red Velvet Wendy 2017



Red Velvet Joy 2017



Red Velvet Yeri 2017


Which of these lovely ladies does it best? Let us know!


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