Just recently on December 2nd, JYJ member JunSu held his solo concert.

Things got emotional during the end of the concert as the K-Pop idol broke down in tears while delivering a message for all the fans.

As many fans may be aware, it has been around nine years in total that JunSu has been absent from TV shows in South Korea. Given that the majority of K-Pop celebrities rely on TV appearances to promote themselves, it was surprising to see that JunSu still had so many fans some of whom were teenagers.

JunSu talked about how he didn't feel like a celebrity anymore due to the lack of appearances on TV.

He was in tears at the end and stated

"I am unable to sing my own songs on a music show but it was a decision I made. I didn't expect to be absent from TV for so long after the lawsuit. I thought about calling it quits earlier this year in January and February. If you guys are struggling, you should take a break from being fans too. It pains me to see all of you having a hard time because of me. I just want to say I will work hard. Let's enjoy the moment together."


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