JYP Ent Purchased A New Building for $20 Million

JYP, Park JinYoung, JYP entertainment, TWICE, Suzy, GOT7

JYP Entertainment bought a 20 million USD building and sold an old office building in  Cheongdam-dong. JYP must have made a lot of money.

Staff of JYP Entertainment said “the old office building was Park JinYoung‘s own private building from the first and we have planned to sell it. And there’s no special reasons buying new building.”  Netizens are surprised by the high price of new building and also saying the old one was too small for JYP Entertainment which is one of the biggest entertainments in Korea. Also, netizens are talking that JYP owed riches to GOT7, TWICE2PM and Suzy. The new JYP Entertainment’s office building is located in Sungnae-dong. JYP Ent didn’t move to new one so far, but they’re going to relocate to $ 20 Million building soon.


JYP, JYP entertainment, TWICE, Suzy, GOT7


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