According to reports from South Korean news agencies, JYP Entertainment has had a few things lined up in their schedule this year, including the debut of a new girl group.

JYP Entertainment's schedule included the debut of boy group BOYSTORY in China this year in September as well.

The new girl group which was reported to debut before January 2019 was one of the most anticipated moves by fans for quite some time as rumors have been circulating ever since 2017.

However, the recent departure of Jeon SoMi has fans questioning if such scenario will be likely as the former JYP Entertainment idol was expected to be among the lineup of the new girl group. Even if the group debuts as planned, netizens have been questioning whether the group will meet expectations as a large number of fans were excited about Jeon SoMi being part of the group.

Some have stated that JYP Entertainment should have made sure that Jeon SoMi stayed in the agency.

Will JYP Entertainment debut their new girl group as planned before January 2019? Does it seem like a good idea after the recent departure of Jeon SoMi?


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