There are several famous female South Korean celebrities and idols being named as the women in the sex tapes uploaded in singer Jung JoonYoung's chat room, and the respective agencies of all the rumored female celebrities have been busy trying to contain the situation and prevent it from having any unnecessary negative impact on their artists.

Among some of the female celebrities that were rumored to be in the sex tapes that were filmed by a hidden camera, is JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE.

Naturally, JYP Entertainment issued an official warning and stated that strong legal action would be taken against people spreading these false rumors.

These rumors first began when the reporter responsible for exposing Jung JoonYoung and BIGBANG member SeungRi, Kang KyungYoon, revealed that some of the conversations that took place in the chat rooms talked about bringing rookie female idols for drinks.

JYP Entertainment Warns Legal Action For Rumors Of TWICE Involved In Jung JoonYoung Scandal

Huffington Post

"The group chat room had conversations saying "Bring a rookie idol next time we drink.""

But if some of the women in the videos were in fact celebrities, what is certain is that they were rookies, ruling out TWICE.

Stay tuned for updates!


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