Let's take a look at which companies won the most successful result in the first half of 2017.

Even though a few entertainment companies are catching up, still you can tell the biggest companies in K-Pop market are SM, YG and JYP Entertainment. These 3 companies are leading K-Pop idol market. If we check by the standard about sales, ROEN Entertainment and other a few companies are preceding, but 3 companies are occupying the matchless positions to discover new artists and create the contents. 

You can get to know the flow of K-Pop idol market by looking the state of sales in the first half of 2017. The jackpot that TWICE brought about was revealed even on the financial statement. SM Entertainment, which went through business depression due to artists' army enlistment, is going to gear up again. In the case of YG, it seems that it's time to try their best to nurture new artists who can lead themselves.

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  • JYP that TWICE made survive 

2015 (Sales : $45 million Profits : $3.7 million) 2016  ( Sales : $45 million Profits : $9.5 million)

The company which had an eye-opening progress in this year is definitely JYP Entertainment. What drove JYP successful was TWICE's 'Success in succession'. The nine girls, who debuted in 2015, got the top position of K-Pop girl group while making tremendous hits from 'Like OOH-AHH', 'Cheer Up', 'TT', 'Knock Knock' and 'SIGNAL'. Last year, TWICE debuted in Japan and recorded 200,000 sales in debut album only 1 month after debut. 

JYP 'Jackpot' YG 'Tie-up' SM 'Twist'



  • YG, new artists are key to recover

The first half of 2017 (Sales : $158 million Profits : $16 million)

Critics and many reports regarding YG Entertainment's financial statement are pointing out that YG needs to consider things after BIGBANG members' army enlistment. Some staffs said, "Just like SM Entertainment, which went through the depression for male artists' army service, YG is going to have that depression" and "Other rookie groups like WINNER and iKON will have the important position in the company". However, at least for 1~2 years, it is expected in positive ways regarding BIGBANG's group and solo concerts around the world in 1~2 years. 

JYP 'Jackpot' YG 'Tie-up' SM 'Twist'



  • SM, can they get over through Japanese activity?

2016 (Profits : $18 million) The first half of 2017 (Profits : $2.2 million)

It's been harsh years for SM Entertainment recently. From 2012, SM Entertainment's profits have dropped steadily. Moreover, SM Entertainment's profit for the first half of 2017 was $2.2 million dollars, which is very low comparably. A researcher said, "What made SM drop is EXO's blank in the first half of 2017. Even though SNSD came back, their results were apparently unsuccessful and even the ranking on the charts was not good". 

JYP 'Jackpot' YG 'Tie-up' SM 'Twist'

SM Entertainment

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