JYP Releases Second Statement About Current ‘Cult Affiliation’ Accusations



JYP Releases Second Statement About Current ‘Cult Affiliation’ Accusations

Park JinYoung, JYP

Star Daily News

Just recently, South Korean news and media agency Dispatch released news that flamed suspicions of JYP Entertainment founder and producer Park JinYoung being affiliated with the Salvation Sect, a religious cult in South Korea.

The K-Pop artist and producer has so far denied being affiliated with the cult and has also stated that he will take legal action against any entity that continues to make such claims.

He also released a second statement through his Instagram account saying he will hold an official press conference to resolve the current controversy. The date of when the press conference will take place has not yet been confirmed.

Additionally, he emphasized that Dispatch is currently mistaken about two important things. The first point he seemed to be stressing was that he was leading a Bible study that had nothing to do with the Salvation Sect. His second point was that Dispatch’s reports of him being seen with Salvation Sect members were false.

As for the Bible studies he is currently participating in, he has stated that it is a gathering of mutual acquaintances who participate by free will, debating and discussing topics related to faith. And interestingly, he mentioned that members of all religious organizations, including the Salvation Sect, were at one point present only because they were interested in what he had to say, and not because he had any personal affiliations with them.

The upcoming press conference is scheduled to take place sometime in September.


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