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JYP Entertainment founder and producer Park JinYoung is currently making headlines in South Korea at the moment after the release of initial news reports of him being connected to the Salvation Sect, a religious cult

Many people in South Korea believe the Salvation Sect to have been partially responsible for the Sewol Ferry tragedy and also a mass suicide as well.

The K-Pop producer has denied being connected to the Salvation Sect and has stated that he will take legal action if necessary, against any claims that tie him to the cult. He has also stated that he rented a room in order to lead a Bible study with a group of acquaintances in order to give an explanation for what appears to be a photo of him lecturing in front of people using a Bible verse.

JYP Says He Will Take Legal Action After Accused Of Being Connected To A Cult


And unfortunately, his company is already facing a stock crisis after the incident as JYP's stock prices began falling moments after his alleged tie to the Salvation Sect.


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