Miss A’s Suzy and SNSD’s SeoHyun will compete against each other as solo artists.

Suzy and SeoHyun will both be releasing their solo albums on 17th through various music sites. Suzy will present her fans with the title ‘YES?NO?’, and SeoHyun will be presenting her fans with the title ‘Don’t Say No’. With both of them releasing a solo album for the first time, many are keeping an eye on them.

Both of them, in their teasers, showed charms that were unable to be seen before, increasing the level of anticipation for their albums. Suzy released her teasers on 9th through JYP’s official SNS, showing off a dreamlike sexy charm through the clips released. SeoHyun released her teasers today, the 10th, and showed off her sexy charms through the black dress and colorful bling bling outfit.

The two have been working in various fields from acting to CF. Finally returning to their original industry of music, this big match is gaining a lot of attention as JYP and SM clash with their solo female artists.

JYP Suzy vs SM SeoHyun, Both to Release Solo on the Same Date

JYP Entertainment

JYP Suzy vs SM SeoHyun, Both to Release Solo on the Same Date

SM Entertainment

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