K-Idols In Current Dramas 2015



K-Idols In Current Dramas 2015

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The boarder between an actor and singer has become vague.

There have been a lot of actors or actresses debuted as singers with great songs. However, the reverse way has been more frequently caught in Korea entertainment. Many singers, especially idols, have remarkably performed in various acting fields; dramas, movies, plays, and etc. Among those the idols’ active engagement can be found mostly in dramas. As you know, IU, Suzy, Park Hyung-sik and Yim-Siwan are the representative acting K-idols, who got success in Dramas. Then, let’s look at which idols actively take a part in current dramas now.


I am NOT main, but still IMPORTANT!!

They are not main characters yet, but indispensable for developing stories.

K-Idols In Current Dramas 2015

Henry – Super Junior M (Oh My Venus)

Genius but ingenious? He acts as Harvard alumni, but too naïve. He helps Sin Min-a to get her beauty back.

K-Idols In Current Dramas 2015

Minah – Girl’s day (Sweet Bloody Family)

High school girl, a daughter of one of main character couples. She is hot and confident always.

K-Idols In Current Dramas 2015

Min-hyuk – BTOB (Sweet Bloody Family)

High school model student, a son of the main character couple. Study nerd but so cute.

K-Idols In Current Dramas 2015

Mina – AOA (All About My Mom)

Scheduled to act as a hot fraudster girl but very lovely.



Well, I am MAIN!!

Now, look at the main characters.

K-Idols In Current Dramas 2015

Yook Sung-jae – BTOB (The Village: Achiara’s Secret)

Young passionate policeman who tries to discover the mysterious murder cases in Achiara.

K-Idols In Current Dramas 2015

Min-ho – SHINee (My First Time)

Rich boy. There is nothing he has to worry about but only love. He learns about the real world through watching his hard working friends.

K-Idols In Current Dramas 2015

Hyeri – Girl’s Day (Reply 1988)

Second daughter of a poor family. She is always positive and confident. Watch who will be her husband among her best male friends!

K-Idols In Current Dramas 2015

Song Ji-eun – Secret (Sweet Home, Sweet Honey)

Rookie of the real world. Working hard and being kind. She represents all young people in their 20s suffering in this tough world.


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Anyone else noticed they swapped out the Minah’s ? Haha