K-Pop Comebacks In December 2017

2017 is finally coming to an end soon. But just because the year is almost over doesn’t mean idols have to stop pumping out new music.

Before we say greet the year 2018 and have a fresh new start, let’s keep in mind some of the exciting comebacks that will soon see the light of day.


K-Pop Comebacks In December 2017



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Yoon JongShin

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-December 1st-

Wendy X Baek AYeon



-December 4th-

Zion. T x Lee MoonSae



-December 8th-

Starship Planet


-December 13th-



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EXO Fans Exhibit Borderline Gangster Behavior Towards BTS Army & Wanna One Wannables

For BTS‘s ARMY and Wanna One‘s Wannables, the 2017 MMA was a tough moment. South Korean netizens are pointing fingers at all the EXO-L‘s. 

South Korean netizens are in frenzy again and are demanding EXO-L’s to apologize for their behavior. Videos have surfaced through SNS revealing moments of profanity and threats being made from EXO-L’s to ARMY and Wannables. Not only were South Korean EXO-L’s verbally assaulting the fans, they were shown on video footages bombarding Wanna One members with profanity while telling them to “sit in the back where they belong.”

Another video footage showed EXO-L’s yelling harshly towards BTS’s ARMY to keep quiet. A member of ARMY posted the video capturing the audio of EXO-L’s threatening verbal behavior expressing frustration over being unable to cheer for BTS. Beginning at 1:05, when BTS was announced as winners for an award, EXO-L’s begin frantically screaming profanities.

We should keep in mind though that not all EXO-L’s behave this way. But the damage has been done and unfortunately, South Korean netizens in general view EXO-L’s with disdain, according to recent news reports. 


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BTS and Wanna One Killing EXO’s Popularity?

EXO members opened up recently during an interview about how they feel in relations to BTS and Wanna One‘s current soaring popularity.

EXO recently performed on the 26th for their fourth independent concert titled ‘EXO Planet #4 – The EℓyXiOn’  and held a press conference.

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When asked if they felt threatened by the growing success of younger idol groups such as BTS and Wanna One, SuHo replied saying ‘ We are always putting in the effort to try and reinvent ourselves but the reality is that there is a big age gap between us and people will eventually get tired of us at some point if it hasn’t happened already.’ 

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He also added, ‘We are actually proud of groups such as BTS and Wanna One are spreading K-Pop further into the world. PSY, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, and SHINee have all paved the road and made all this possible for us through their endeavors. We feel that it is the responsibility for all K-Pop idols to follow in their footsteps and do the same. We are ourselves currently working on new music to further contribute to K-Pop”s popularity all over the world.


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