Many people have role models and some sort of figure that they look up to.

Below are some K-Pop idols who have stated in the past before that their role model is BTS member V. And given just how handsome and talented V is, it's no wonder that even other peers and juniors in the K-Pop scene have been inspired by him.

You can check them out below!


YunMin (Newkidd)



JiSung (1THE9)



Park JiHoon

K-Pop Idols Who Look Up To BTS's V

Taehyung's Only 1


HyunMin (RAINZ)



YoungHoon (THE BOYZ)



ByungChan (VICTON)



YeoSang (ATEEZ)






BeomGyu (TXT)



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Aug 14, 2019 06:10 am

Taehyung has a lot of beauty and talent that it’s normal to be the inspiration of many others
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