EXO’s Kai showed his lovely charms in the filming for the drama “Andante”.

On 17th, “Andante” released pictures of Kai in the midst of filming in the cold weather.

Kai will be acting as “SiKyung”, a rebellious 18 years old high schooler in the middle of adolescence. The photos released the cute side of Kai that viewers will not be able to see in the drama.

In the photos, Kai melts the hearts of the viewers with a cute smile as he holds a hot pack near his face. “Andante” staffs and casts had a hard time due to the sudden cold weather that appeared in January. And because they were filming mostly outside with Kai, Kai had to really show his passion for acting as he worked in the cold weather.

Whenever he heard the “cut!” sound from the producer, Kai placed a hot pack near his face to make sure his tongue doesn’t freeze up in the cold weather. The staffs praised him, “Despite having to work and wait in the cold weather for a long time, Kai kept a bright smile on his face and really played the role of “mood maker”. He gave out his hot packs, and continuously struck up conversations with the staffs, warming up the atmosphere.”

Drama “Andante”, formerly named “Killing School”, is a healing growth drama that portrays the conflicts a city boy, SiKyung, goes through in a rural high school.

Kai Shows His Cute Charms In The Filming for Drama “Andante”

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