Kang Daniel and Yoon JiSung are ready for a new start with LM Entertainment.

On Jan. 31, according to Korean news media, Sports Chosun, it was reported that the contract for Kang Daniel and Yoon JiSung under MMO Entertainment had expired. The two idols will be joining LM Entertainment for a new beginning starting from Feb. 1.

Continuing, LM Entertainment explained that the two idols have decided to join the company thanks to the close and stable relationships they had build upon earlier. Further plans about their future activities are still being discussed. The company also promised that they will do their best in promoting and supporting Kang Daniel and Yoon JiSung.

LM Entertainment is a company established especially for the two idols and many are expecting full support and management from them.

Fans are also anticipating for their solo activities.

We would like to wish Kang Daniel and Yoon JiSung for an even better start under the new company!


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