Idols’ Ideal Types Compilation: Kang Daniel of Wanna One

“Hey, shorty”, this is how Kang Daniel wants to call his GF.

What’s an ‘Ideal Type’?

As K-idols become more and more popular, many fans wonder what type of people they are fascinated by. Ideal types are preferences of personality and appearance of their ideal significant other! So what are the ideal types of idols then?

Kang Daniel of Wanna One, who is also the winner of “Produce 101  Season 2“, is conquering the K-Pop world at the moment. Ever since he was young, he started to learn b-boying and modern dancing, which contributed to his amazing dancing skills now. What makes fans go crazy is not only his stunning skills but also his cute and sexy charm. Recently, Kang Daniel opened up about his dating life and ideal type in a TV program, “Happy Together”. Needless to say, because everyone in Korea seems to like him and wants to know everything about him, the episode of the show was an instant hit.


Kang Daniel‘s Ideal Type Compilation

(as of 2017) 

Kang Daniel: In most cases, guys from Busan, South Korea tend to act brusquely and very manly. However, I personally think I have a softer side to my personality. When my ex-girlfriend told me “I like this restaurant”,  I used to say “I could come to this restaurant with you forever. I also like to put shoes on for my girlfriend as well.I like a woman who is older than me. It’s because I tend to like meeting people who I can learn lots of things from. If I happen to have a GF, I want to call her my shorty.”

When asked to select his preference of age, hairstyle, and height of girls he is into on a poster with options, he mischievously circles and checks all options, implying that he likes all girls. However, he did leave a note at the bottom mentioning that height doesn’t matter as long as the girl isn’t taller than him. He also mentioned that he falls head over heels for a girl that is able to catch and kill bugs.

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