Kang Daniel’s Letter To Fans After Release Of Dating News With TWICE JiHyo



Kang Daniel’s Letter To Fans After Release Of Dating News With TWICE JiHyo

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News of former Wanna One member Kang Daniel and TWICE member JiHyo being in a relationship together has been perhaps one of the biggest good news in the K-Pop scene.

Here’s what Kang Daniel wrote to his fans soon after.

“Hello, it’s Kang Daniel.

I’d like to begin by apologizing to everyone who may have been startled by the sudden news released today. I’m guessing it may have been on your minds, and I worry that my response may be too late.

I apologize that I wasn’t able to tell everyone myself before and this platform that’s used for the purposes of sharing stories between you and I must include another story.

A lot has happened during my journey to where I stand now. There were moments when I was drained, but I want to emphasize that it was my fans who were the ones who enabled me to stay strong as they held me upright.

During my hiatus, I went through dealing with toxic rumors and was hurt. But I was able to stand up and press on because of the support of my fans, who patiently waited for me despite possibly feeling frustrations. Thank you for all the photos, messages, and love you have shown me in fan cafes and the subway stations.

Every moment when I visited the stations and the cafes, I was able to experience your love, and it was because of this that I was able to prepare for my album and achieve a surprising record. I never expected to have received such a tremendous amount of love and comfort time after time.

My goal and desire is to give back with the best of my abilities to all my fans’ as they have given me so much. I will continue to show everyone the best side of me, the singer Kang Daniel. I have received abundantly from my fans and I am ever grateful for it. I will work hard to give back even more.

I will always become better Kang Daniel tomorrow than I was today.

I thank everyone for staying by my side.”


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He has nothing to apologise for. More idols should be like Hyuna and E’Dawn who basically said “fuck it, we’re in love and nothing is going to say otherwise!”.


Come on man, grow a pair and defend yr girl!
Tell the world you love her and no one will have anything else to say…


remember lm ent said they still has last card against daniel lol
if you cant beat him, use his fans against him thingyy??