Kang DongHo, a member of NU"EST (aka BaekHo), has been caught up with sexual harassment scandal after he has gained fame by Produce 101 SE2.

Kang DongHo of NU'EST Caught Up with Sexual Harassment Controversy


In the mid May, an anonymous writer posted a long article with a title "I was raped by Kang DongHo of NU'EST, Please Help Me." The post as about how she was sexually harassed  by him 7 years ago, when both of them were friends back in middle school.

According to the victim's statement, she was sexually assaulted by him inside a car from the private education institution. Their families were quite close, so they naturally hung out together. She posted a picture of her Kakao Talk (messenger) conversation with Kang DongHo, which was about asking him if he remembered what happen 8 years ago, and how she was still having hard times by the horrible memories. Kang DongHo called her instantly, however she did not answer at first. However, when she called him back after, he kept saying that he was busy and he would call her later. This article was taken down by the website manager because the manager thought she was lying and it was just another rumor celebs have when they become famous.

Before she posted such article, her friends spread some rumors about him saying that he was a bully at school on their college website. However they were condemned instantly. The victim again posted a long article on June, and this time, she was able to grab attentions of the public. When the article just started to become an issue, people condemned of Kang DongHo for his past actions, however, there were no official actions taken by the entertainment despite the emergency situation. 

After a while, Pledis Entertainment posted an warning not to spread such rumors that were not testified. From then, fans started to dig for the truth and they started comparing the posts written on May and June. Surprisingly, they found some huge differences.

The first difference they found was the date that the victim was assaulted. On her May post, she wrote "7 years ago", while on June post, she wrote "8 years ago". Second, she said that her parents just scolded him over the phone, but she changed her words and said that she talked to him face to face. The third difference was the fact that her older brother was sitting next to her. This was not written on May, yet, she added it on June. 

After the victim has written her June post, she added and changed what she wrote a few times, and apologized deeply for changing what she wrote. According to her apology, she said that the differences in two article were made from her confusion and by the anger that disturbed her from thinking straight. 

Other posts saying that they were friends of both people saying "the girl had mental illness, or delusion" also became an issue.

Fans and the public are still unsure who is lying and who is telling the truth, but what can be known as a fact is that Pledis Entertainment sued the writer officially.

There is nothing clarified yet, the case needs time to seek out the truth.

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Oct 22, 2017 02:55 am

Sure...Baekho, the rapist... 😀 C'mon... That's ridiculous. 😀