Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Kang HaNeul

Hanuel means the sky in Korea. Do you know who resembles spotless bluest sky in the fall? It’s Korean actor Kang HaNeul.

Kang HaNuel is famous for being an angel. He is truly pure and innocent kind of person. No one has ever said or seen him with a fault but hundreds have seen him being modest, polite and selfless. He is truly one of a kind among celebrities, and he is also truly one of a kind as a human being. He doesn’t have the typical handsome look with thick eyebrows, sharp nose and chin and what so ever. But his face is the mirror to his personality. His eyes always sparkle with his dreams and passions, his smile spreads as wide as his warm heart and his overall aura is just that of an angel, yet a passionate and fun one. 

We have about thousands and thousands of reason why we love HaNeul, and now, it’s time to figure out, who might this angelic kind of guy would be fond of.


Kang HaNeul‘s Ideal Type Compilation

Kang HaNeul: I want to meet someone who calls before she sleeps. I usually play games or read books at night, but it would be nice if I have someone to talk to before I sleep. Also, I don’t really want to be dating so secretively, so I think I would avoid dating with celebrities. My actions can cause an influence to the partner if she is a celeb. Also, I am fond of a woman who cares less about her boyfriend compare to her dreams and passions. I want to meet someone who has a strong passion for her dreams. 

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Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: So JiSub

Often times, opinions of men and women differ when deciding an ideal person. A woman can look stunning to a women’s eyes, while not that much of beauty to that of men. Vice-versa, a woman can look gorgeous to men and not so much to women. Same goes for deciding an ideal guy. Our tastes differ a lot.

However, there are few people where both women and men agree on to be ideal. One of the actors who both men and women admire is So JiSub. He’s got what men admire, the broad muscular body, macho looks, and most importantly the swag. Also, he’s got the melting deep voice, big hands, sweet smile and of course the body that pulls off any kind of clothes that women dig for. His acting ability is also very distinctive and he’s got a wide spectrum of characters that he can cover, from the romantic to cold blood killer.

So many reasons can be written on why we love him dearly, but what do we know about his ideal type? Well, one way to find out!


So JiSub‘s Ideal Type Compilation 

So JiSub: I can’t explain the thing I have for an ideal woman so specifically but I can say, I am fond of the fruity scent. Maybe a peach scent? I really love peaches and the scent as well. I tend to look back whenever such scent passes by me. I also love someone with a huge grin and who works hard. Someone honest about oneself is always attractive and sexy. Aside from the face, well, a woman with beautiful legs are also very appealing to me.

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Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Lee JaeHoon

Lee JaeHoon is one of the actors who is dearly loved by acting abilities. 

It’s undeniable that his odd face catches one’s attention at first rather than his acting capability. When I say odd, it means that he’s got the mask of both the evil and the pure. When he seems to be on an interview or is acting out a bright persona, he resembles the cutest puppy in the world. However, as soon as he puts on the mask of the evil, his cutest eye changes into the scariest and the coldest ones. After being surprised by such contradicting personas his face can show, then it’s time to be surprised by how well he can melt himself to various characters and it’s not only his face that does the magic but his tones and smallest gestures as well. 

After falling so deeply in love with Lee JaeHoon and his talent, we may be curious about what kind of woman would such talented actor dream of?  

Lee JaeHoon‘s Ideal Type Compilation

Lee JaeHoon: I want to meet someone who’s got a similar taste with me in music and movie. Sadly, I don’t really have a power of leading on conversations or entertain another, so it’s pretty important for me to meet someone who I have a great flow in conversation without trying so hard. Also, I would like someone who’s got a bright hope for the future and keeps dreaming on.

Lee JaeHoon is known to be one of the workaholic actors and he told this himself that he hasn’t been in a relationship for almost 4 years now. Maybe it’s a good time for him to meet somebody nice 🙂

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