The legendary combo of Yoo JaeSuk and Kang HoDong will be reborn in the new rebooting season of SBS's "Running Man"!

The record setting variety program, "Running Man" is getting ready to launch a new chapter. The production team announced that the new "Running Man" will feature some of the original cast as well as some new faces. With the end of a 7 year run, the show will be heading towards new guidelines for the upcoming second season.

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The biggest change will be the absence of the two strong players of the show, Song JiHyo and Kim JongKook. After the departure of Gary just a few weeks ago, the Ace and the Commander also announced that they will officially retire in order to better focus on their acting and singing careers respectively.

With the loss of some of the most treasured characters, some good news was also revealed. Kang HoDong, one of the most popular Korean MCs, is in his final talks of joining the new lineup. Kang HoDong and Yoo JaeSuk had one of the best chemistry on the set of variety show, "X-Man" back in 2003-2007. As two of the most famous variety show hosts, the two are raising the hopes of all nostalgic viewers for a reunion.

SBS also announced that they are also in talks with various celebrities to join the cast in rearranging the show.

Since it's first airing in 2010, "Running Man" has seen an overflowing amount of love from fans all over the world.

Kang HoDong to Replace Song JiHyo & Kim JongKook on "Running Man"

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On December 15th, Kang HoDong has decided to politely reject the offer after a long talk with the producers and a discussion over the netizens' feelings towards the potential joining.

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