KyuHyun of Super Junior has been one of the 4 hosts in “Radio Star” for a long time and now he has to leave due to serve his time in the army.

Kang SeungYoon of WINNER Taking the Place of KyuHyun in “Radio Star”


Kang SeungYoon of WINNER was chosen to fill in for KyuHyun’s place temporarily, however, whether he will be making it till the end is still unknown.

A lot of people were curious about who was going to fill his place in “Radio Star”. People gave diverse opinions, and even made a list of  candidates. Some even wanted to continue on without filling in since no one would be as good as KyuHyun. 

Not only the public, but also celebrities were interested since they wanted to take the place. There were several celebs who mentioned about wanting to join the program as a host while they joined as a guest. 

However, both celebs and the public knew, whoever takes the place would be given  both the fame and a big burden as well, so the host has to be someone who can handle the burden and has ability to lead the program.  

So, do you think SeungYoon will be able to take his place as a host? or remain a substitute of KyuHyun. 

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