After the news of Kang SungHoon's departure from SECHSKIES, fans were either pretty much either glad he was out or saddened by his exit.

If you're wondering why some fans were glad he left, it all had to do with the string of consecutive controversies surrounding him involving embezzlement, questionable statements, and allegedly threatening his former manager.

Just recently, the former SECHSKIES member responded to his departure by stating

"Due to my psychological status, I don't know if I will be returning to the industry. I agreed to terminate my contract as of December 31st as I feel it wouldn't be fair to delay the schedule of my team. I apologize that I could not live up to the expectations of fans and return after the long hiatus. I thank everyone who has supported my time in SECHSKIES."

Fans first speculated that he was out of the group when he wasn't included in the 2019 season's greetings catalogues.

Kang SungHoon Responds To Leaving SECHSKIES

YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment has also confirmed Kang SungHoon's departure from SECHSKIES as well.


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