Are you fit to play with the King, Ace and Jokers?

What's an 'Ideal Type'?

As K-idols become more and more popular, many fans wonder what type of person they get fascinated by. Ideal types are the descriptions of the idols' preference of personality and appearance of their ideal significant other! Basically, what's their type?

K.A.R.D only just debuted a few months ago, but the four kings and queens seem more than just rookies. With all the love that their receiving, it can't be helped to ask the group - what kind of person are they most attracted to? In a series of interviews from radio sessions to fan meetings, we carefully collected the ideal types of the four K.A.R.D members.

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Who're K.A.R.D's ideal types?


K.A.R.D's Ideal Type Compilation

(as of 2017)

J.Seph: Fierce women

BM: A woman who has a strong, fierce personality and appearance; Tanned skin

SoMin: Someone manly

JiWoo: Someone manly; Someone with good manners; Someone considerate; Someone gentle

Ideal Type Celebrity

BM: CL, HyoLyn, Jessi

J.Seph: Park SiYeon, Cha YeRyun

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