Weekly Rekap Screenshot

It is not easy to keep up with every happenings in the K-Pop community but don't worry as we are here to introduce a newly launched YouTube series "Weekly Rekap" through the collaboration of Kpopmap and STYLE KOREAN.

From Monday to Friday, a new video will be uploaded everyday on Beauty Cookie channel and the MC is none other than the bubbly and cheerful SeRa from Nine Muses!

Through "Weekly Rekap" viewers will get to know about K-Pop and K-Drama news, charts and latest trends such as fashion, accessories and so on through an interesting 'ideal world cup' format. They will also get to witness SeRa and her fellow friends sharing their opinions for the different topics discussed based on the data through Kpopmap.

Keep Yourself Updated On K-Pop Happenings As Kpopmap And STYLE KOREAN Launch "Weekly Rekap"

Weekly Rekap Screenshot

Starting from Feb. 8, SeRa will be kicking off the series by touching on some of the best that happened in 2020 through topics such as "10 Most Popular K-pop idol member of 2020", "Best Style of 2020 K-POP MV", "10 Most Popular K-Drama of 2020", "Best Style of 2020 K-Drama" and "Hidden Gem Star‐gram".

Make sure to not miss out on any of the videos and continue to keep a look out for both Kpopmap and STYLE KOREAN!


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