Kehlani Notices VICTON’s Dance Performance Of ‘Gangsta’ During “VOICE TO ALICE” Fanmeeting




Kehlani Notices VICTON’s Dance Performance Of ‘Gangsta’ During “VOICE TO ALICE” Fanmeeting

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VICTON Official Twitter

Some time ago, VICTON  held their long awaited fanmeeting “VOICE TO ALICE” and if you are interested to read more about Kpopmap’s exclusive review, you can take a look here.

The boys had put up a special dance performance, using ‘Gangsta’ as the music. Just a day ago, Play M Entertainment had released the official performance clip on their YouTube channel.

Take a look for yourself below!

Many of their fans, ALICE, has been waiting for this performance video to be put up and many were extremely happy to see that it was finally uploaded.

It seemed that it was not only ALICE that was excited about it as the original singer of ‘Gangsta’, Kehlani had also noticed the performance video!

She had retweeted and commented “lets go”!

Seeing how the original singer had noticed them, VICTON members also did not fail to hide their excitement and left a reply too.

Having seen the short interaction, ALICE was proud and glad to see that they are getting more and more recognition.

Not long ago, it was also reported that member SuBin will be acting in tvN “Psychopath’s Diary” and they will be performing in the upcoming “2019 Unicorn Concert” with other K-Pop groups.


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