On August 17th, Kenta and Kim SangKyun announced that they will debuting under the group called JBJ95.

The two boys announced the name by holding a V-Live session with fans and officially announced it by themselves.

Kim SangKyun explained that they could only come so far thanks to the the support and love received when they were active under JBJ. As such, they promise not to lose their mindset and motivation when they first debuted and wish to continue promoting by including JBJ in their new group name. They also decided to add the number 95 as both were known to be born in 1995.

For those who have not seen the V-Live, be sure to catch out what you have missed through the video above. During the time, they also announced that they will be debuting in October.

Fans who had watched the V-Live were very happy and could not wait to see what kind of music the two idols will bring to them. They also anticipate to see the growth in their music, hyping up the expectation.

Starting from September 5th, fans will be able to communicate with the two of them officially through their new official SNS channels.

Are you excited for the debut of the duo?


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