Singer Khalid recently sat down for an interview with 'Good Morning Britain' on May 23rd, and discussed how he came to form a relationship with K-Pop idol group BTS.

The singer stated that it was each others' admiration for one another that helped form a bond between each other, while also adding that language barrier wasn't an obstacle in understanding each other as well.

Khalid Talks About How He Came To Meet BTS & Reveals Status Of Collaboration


He stated:

"I mean, we’re mutual fans of each other. Just because you don’t speak the same language as each other doesn’t mean that you can’t necessarily have a friendship."

Khalid also complimented them saying that the group was "exceptional".

So what's going on with the rumored collaboration between the two superstars? Well it turns out that they've been in talks for quite some time and it's just a matter of one or the other actually getting to it. But given that they both have busy schedules, it's understandable that it can't be rushed.

You can check out the interview below!



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