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On July 19th, Kim DongHan held a V-Live session with his fans in celebration for the end of his promotion of his solo debut for 'Sunset'.

During the time, many fans talked about how proud they were of him and also asked about the friendship he shared with Golden Child's JiBeom.

Previously, it was known that Kim DongHan had shared with fans that he was close to JiBeom. As such, many were curious as to how they got close with each other.

Kim DongHan was originally from Daegu and transferred to a high school in Seoul during the third year of high school in April. After that he found out that there was also a guy from his class who had transferred from Busan just a month before him.

During that time, he thought it was kind of strange for students to transfer at the final year high school especially since they were a humanities high school. As for Kim DongHan, he did not have a choice but to transfer because he was a trainee back then.

At first he was keeping it a secret that he was a trainee but after getting close to JiBeom, he also found out that he was a trainee.

Kim DongHan Shares How He Got Close To Golden Child's JiBeom

Golden Child Twitter

When Kim DongHan asked JiBeom which company he was from, JiBeom said that he was from Woollim Entertainment and earned a huge reaction from Kim DongHan.

They continued the conversation with Kim DongHan asking if he was going to participate in Mnet "Produce 101" Season 2. JiBeom said that he was not going as he felt that he was going to debut under Woollim Entertainment soon. He encouraged Kim DongHan and told him to do his best in "Produce 101" Season 2 so that he will also succeed in the future.

Kim DongHan Shares How He Got Close To Golden Child's JiBeom


Thinking back, Kim DongHan felt happy that both of them had debuted and was also able to see both of them succeed. Not long ago, Kim DongHan had won the number one for 'Sunset' on "The Show".

Fans who had watched the V-Live commented on their sweet friendship and hoped that they would see more interactions with each other in the near future.

Do you admire their friendship too?


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