Super Junior's Kim HeeChul is famous for his golden hand in picking out the next K-Pop idol girl member to become famous, and his newest pick of the bunch is...

One Korean netizen forum has pointed out that Kim HeeChul has begun actively pushing and promoting one girl group member, and it's none other than Cosmic Girls' (WJSN) Luda! Kim HeeChul and Luda first met during an episode of "Lipstick Prince", where they showcased a surprisingly well matched chemistry. After the broadcast, HeeChul uploaded a photo of the pair on Instagram with the captions, "Lipstick Prince, Luda, So cute even from her name, Cutesy cutesy fruit".

Luda was also chosen to fill in a spot in HeeChul's other program, when the original guest had to pull out due to a personal issue. He praised the idol on his SNS after the filming, "Luda who filled in for SoHye. I praise you for doing do well even when it was so hectic. Please come back again when it's not busy."

HeeChul commented on a show, "I heard that if I say, 'So-and-so is very cute', that idol becomes a star." This rumor began when HeeChul first pointed out his favorite girl idol as Wonder Girls' SoHee. SoHee ultimately became the most popular member of the famous girl group. Just last year, HeeChul pointed out that TWICE's Momo was very cute, and the Momo-sensation has been going on ever since then.

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