Kim JaeHwan's Instagram

Kim JaeHwan posted two new profile photos on his Instagram on Apr. 3. With these two different pictures, he shows his charms one more time and steals the heart of fans.

On one picture, he wears a shirt, orange sweater and denim jacket accessorized with necklaces. It is the perfect campus fashion. He looks straight into the camera showing his charismatic visual.

On the second picture, he has a perfect fashion for a date. It is more pinkish and it has a ribbon. Kim JaeHwan has a softer look and has a romantic pose by the window.

Netizens commented "Wow", "Handsome", "Love you", "JaeHwan is a masterpiece", "Love this concept", The best", "I support you", "Cool", "Crazy", etc.

Fans could not help but fall for his charms one more time. Many are waiting for the announcement of his next activities and are even more hype with these new pictures.

Which picture do you prefer?


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