Are you watching the school music romance web drama "Replay: The Moment"? The drama has an exciting love triangle.

The shy Kim MinChul (acting as Gong ChanYoung) and the tsundere SF9's HwiYoung (acting as Lee JiHoon) are both in love with (G)I-DLE 's MiYeon (acting as Yoo HaYoung). The two boys are the complete opposite but they both have strong feelings for the girl.

Kim MinChul & SF9's HwiYoung Want To Win Over (G)I-DLE MiYeon's Heart In "Replay: The Moment"


The three of them were part of the same band in high school with MiYeon as the vocalist, Kim MinChul as the pianist, and HwiYoung as the guitarist. 2 years later, Kim MinChul still can't forget her and happened to meet her again bringing back old memories from high school. The web drama has therefore two timelines, what happened in high school and what is happening in the present time.

Let's have a closer look at the two male leads of this love triangle.

Be aware of spoilers up to episode 7. 


Kim MinChul (acting as Gong ChanYoung)

ChanYoung is a shy and cute guy. He fell in love with HaYoung when he transferred school. He bumped into her several times by mistake creating heart-fluttering first meetings.

One night, he looked for her Instagram and pressed likes to all of her pictures without thinking about it. Of course, he panicked after realizing what he just did. He really liked her but couldn't open yet about his feelings.

In awkward situations or even when HaYoung made one step further to him, he would panic. Because he lacked confidence and also because he didn't see that HaYoung had feelings for him, he easily had misunderstandings.

After some shy start, he started to make soft moves by asking her to write lyrics for a song just the two of them.

In the present, he still likes her being worried when she got hurt at the store he is working part-time.

Will he realize that HaYoung has feelings for him? Will he solve the misunderstandings?


SF9's HwiYoung (acting as Lee JiHoon)

JiHoon is the opposite of ChanYoung and not just in fashion. He is the tsundere style, he appears charismatic and cold outside but his heart is warm and affectionate.

He is a long time friend of HaYoung and knows a lot more about her than ChanYoung and he has been in love with her for a longer time.

He had some timing issues and started to be annoyed with ChanYoung being too close to HaYoung.

But, he was still close to her.

At the difference of ChanYoung who tried to avoid all the timing to confess, JiHoon confessed his feelings to her deciding to move on from their friendship. Even if he was rejected.

In the present, the two of them are still very close. For example, she would ask him to check what was in her eyes. JiHoon's one-sided love is still on-going.

Will he manage to move from friend to lover despite being already rejected?


Who do you want HaYoung to date?

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ChanYoung/Kim MinChul

JiHoon/SF9's HwiYoung

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