INFINITE‘s L -also called Kim MyungSoo (real name) for his acting activities- and Shin HyeSun are the main actors of the popular drama “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”.

It tells the unpredictable fantasy romance of a strong ballerina that has no interest in love and a trouble maker angel who claims to be Cupid. For more information, poster, teaser, you can check our cast and summary here.

The drama just stated but the couple already stole the heart of the viewers with their love story.

L as Kim Dan is an angel with an infectious smile and a kind heart. At the opposite, Shin HyeSun as Lee YeonSeo is rather a complex character who has been through hardship. She is rather cold and aggressive and starts to change and open her heart to L.

In the scene, Shin HyeSun told L to close his eyes as she knew what his wish was and that she was going to realize one of his. She was about to kiss him on his cheek but he turned his head and kissed her by mistake.


Stunned, she said it was not her intention. He then slowly kissed her.

You can (re-)watch the kiss scene below (at 2:30).

It was a sweet well-scripted kiss scene! Viewers can't wait to see more of the couple.

Did you also like this kiss scene?


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Jun 3, 2019 06:06 pm

Love the couple <3