Kim Samuel Hits a Fan Accidentally and Hugs Her Intentionally

A video of Kim Samuel dancing with his fan on stage has gone viral.

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In an occasion in Hong Kong, he was on stage with a woman fan of his and they danced together until Samuel’s hand accidentally hit the girl’s face. Guess what Samuel has done after he noticed the accident.

He hurriedly hugged her and checked if she was alright!! I could get my face hit by a truck if he is the one making sure my face is alright. We know he is just in his middle school now, but how can we possibly stop ourselves from wanting to be protected by him?

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Kim Samuel will be debuting on August 2nd, with his solo album “16”. Can’t wait for more Kim Samuel? Stay put and wait patiently for his first stage! 

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Kim Samuel X Kim ChungHa Duet Collaboration On Debut Single

Dancing Queen and King are going to collaborate on Kim Samuel‘s coming debut single.

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Kim Samuel, who achieved recognition of his amazing dancing performances, finally will debut soon. Kim ChungHa also was acknowledged as a dancing queen in Produce 101 SE1 and she is going to collaborate with Kim Samuel. There is a common point between them, which is they can sing and dancing along together. Based on black music, they will show off their not only dancing skills but also amazing RnB bocal abilities of them. As both Kim Samuel and Kim ChungHa got huge amount of popularity from fans, this news are interesting enough to grab attention and cause tremendous expectations from audience. 

In Kim Samuel’s solo mini debut album, there are all 5 songs including title song ’16’, ‘I’m ready’ and ‘With You’ which are RnB music, ‘I got it’ and ‘1, 2, 3’ based on hip-hop. Netizens feel interesting in that Kim Samuel’s period of debut acitivties and Wanna One‘s debuting period  are very closed. Also, even before Kim Samuel appeared in Produce 101 SE2, he is known to have practiced and prepared for his debut album for 1 year, so it would be good opportunity for him to overcome his fail to debut as Wanna One. Many netizens are expecting him to have a lot of broadcasting activities and supporting him as a rising star all around the world.


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Guess What Kim Samuel, Trainee from Produce 101 SE2 Has Given His Fan

A fan caught Kim Samuel playing claw machine game, trying to get stuff toys.

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The fan asked for his autograph, but he did not have one yet (since he is so young). So, the fan asked a selfie with him, but that was declined politely as well. (Guess it’s some kind of a rule in Produce 101 SE 2.)

The fan turned back saying bye to him, but just then, Samuel came running, and said “This is all I can give for now.. sorry. ” handing the fan a stuff toy he got from playing claw machine game.

Produce 101, Produce 101 Kim Samuel, Produce 101 Trainees, Kim Samuel

Nate Pann

Produce 101, Produce 101 Kim Samuel, Produce 101 Trainees, Kim Samuel

Nate Pann

Produce 101, Produce 101 Kim Samuel, Produce 101 Trainees, Kim Samuel

Nate Pann

Why does he have to be this cute…? He can dance, sing and got unbelievable charms.. enough already!!

Wish I had gotten the stuff toy too..!!

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